Middle School to Stage "Phantom Tollbooth" on Thursday, May 23rd

This year’s Middle School musical, The Phantom Tollbooth, Jr., will take center stage in Founders Hall on Thursday, May 23rd at 7 p.m.

The show, which will be performed by the MS Musical Theater Class, traces the exploits of Milo, who travels through a magical tollbooth and finds himself in the midst of a quarrel between the kings of Dictionopolis and Digitopolis – who are sparring over whether words or numbers are more important.

The talented cast includes (in alphabetical order): 
Margaret Bailey (Princess of Sweet Rhyme / Lethargian)
Roman Berger (Tock)
Campbell Blake (Demon 1 / Lethargian / Citizen of Dictionopolis)
Kailtlin Blount (Demon 2 / Lethargian / Miner)
Ava Bourneuf (Friend / Narrator  1 / Miner)
Sal D’Agostino (King / Lethargian)
Henry D’Andrea (Whether Man / Citizen of Dictionopolis / Miner)
Riley Donner (Friend / Narrator 2 / Citizen of Dictionopolis)
Colette Gentile (Mathemagician / Lethargian)
Alexandra Genua (Demon 3 / Queen / Lethargian)
Vikrant Hajarnavis (Toll Collector / Guard / Citizen of Dictionopolis)
Isla Johnston (Lethargian / Miner)
Adin Kasmin (Azaz / Lethargian)
Emma Kneebone (Princess of Sweet Reason / Lethargian)
Jack Kornett (Friend / Narrator 3 / Miner)
Danica Rosenbloom (Demon 4 / Citizen of Dictionopolis / Lethargian) 
Jonah Tinkelman (Friend / Narrator 4 / Citizen of Dictionopolis)
Kevin Tone (Milo)
Alex Turben (Demon  5 / Lethargian / Miner)
Richard Zhang (Friend / Narrator 5 / Citizen of Dictionopolis)

The stage manager is Brooks Limbert.



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