Middle School Students Get in the Holiday Spirit

As part of a special assembly on Wednesday, December 15, Middle School students participated in an ugly sweater contest and enjoyed a skit that highlighted traditions of the many winter holidays - including Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Diwali.

Students and teachers from each grade took to the stage to show off their best (worst?) holiday sweaters. Congratulations to our winners: 6th Graders Baxter Thompson ’28 and Lilyana Karosen ’28, 7th Graders Colton and Mattie Benjamin ’27, and 8th Graders Alex Levy ’26 and Emma Pottratz ’26. 

Afterwards, World Languages teacher and Middle School Coordinator of DEIB Initiatives Michael McGrann performed an original skit with several Middle School students. Mr. McGrann, who was dressed as a citizen of ancient Rome, told the students that he was looking forward to his favorite holiday, Saturnalia. He shared many of the customs of his holiday and, in turn, got the students to explain the traditions of the holidays that they celebrate — Diwali, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. They soon discovered that their holidays had many things in common including the importance of light, gift-giving, food, and games. 

The students who performed the skit included: Ashley Badcock ’28, Shane Ben-Hayon ’28, Genesis Casselle ’27, Haley Chestnut-Stein ’28, Julia Covey ’28, Jeet Ghosh ’27, Iyanna Romans ’27, and Noah Shidlovsky ’28.      


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