Middle School Student Art Show on Display

The MBS Middle School student art exhibit, showcasing the creative diversity of our visual art students, is currently on display in Founders Hall and the Middle School Commons through Friday, May 17th.

The show features everything from jewelry design to photography and digital work. The exhibit is the culmination of this year's work and highlights our students' most impressive accomplishments.

In the Middle School Commons, you will find Digital Sketch & Draw as well as Jewelry Fabrication & Design work. Middle School photography is on display in Founders Hall Lobby, and Composition & Design is found on the theater entrance wall. 

Visual art stresses the importance of effort as the starting point to becoming successful in art throughout a student's Middle School career. In their art classes, Middle School students study the formal elements of visual art (color, value, shape, form, space, line and texture) as well as selected artists and movements from the past and present. Students also learn how visual art and writing skills connect.

The visual arts encourage students to explore, invent, create, and grow as artists and individuals. In addition, MBS believes in the power of the arts to stimulate creative thinking, resourceful problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, aesthetic appreciation, and openness to new ideas.

Please stop by and enjoy!


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