Middle School Makerspace Students Get Creative at Home

During the past several weeks, Matt Martino’s Middle School Makerspace students used the design process to solve a problem around the house. From a wall-mounted cat food holder to a lacrosse ball holder and dispenser, students exercised resourcefulness by using found materials around the home to build a functional solution. 

The students began by identifying a need then asking questions to refine their problem. Once the problem was clear, students first sketched out an idea on paper then used 3D modeling in Tinkercad to develop that idea further. 

Students made prototypes using materials they had at home including recycled cardboard and plastic. Finally, they evaluated their prototypes, and shared their ideas and observations before moving onto a final build.

The pictured projects are Grace Tuttle’s wall-mounted cat food holder/dispenser, Rye Fleming’s lacrosse stick and ball holder, and Nathan Luther’s lacrosse ball holder and dispenser.



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