Middle School holds Fair to Introduce Leadership Groups

In addition to offering 17 different clubs this fall, the MBS Middle School offers an array of Crimson Leadership Groups that are open to all students.  On Friday, October 1, the Middle School held a fair outside to introduce students to these leadership groups.

Students were able to learn more about the following opportunities:

Crimson Ambassadors — Ms. Casselle
The Crimson Ambassador Program invites students to represent the Middle School at Admission events. Students host, give tours, and work to introduce new students to the School.

GLOW (Girls Leadership Outreach and Worth) — Ms. Phelan
The GLOW club is dedicated to supporting girls and inspiring them. The group also organizes educational forums that promote and understanding of the role of women in society. The group works in conjunction with the Upper School GLOW club.

Green Team — Mrs. Karosen
The Middle School Green Team is committed to bringing students together to help improve the environment. The group brainstorms and implements solutions to clean up the local ecosystem, and also tries to educate and persuade people to modify their daily behaviors to make less of a negative impact on the Earth.

Kaleidoscope — Mr. Jefferson and Ms. Murray-Thomas
Kaleidoscope is a multicultural diversity club that promotes awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of diverse cultures. Students gather to discuss topics surrounding socioeconomics and cultural identity.

Mental Health Matters — Mr. Zuck
Mental Health Matters is a club designed to increase awareness of and reduce stigma around mental health. Mindfulness is an integral component of our educational philosophy and students are encouraged to practice mindful techniques to promote balance, a feel of calm, and reduce anxiety.

Spectrum — Mr. McGrann
Spectrum is a gay-straight alliance club that meets regularly to discuss LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, and intersex) topics, raise awareness and celebrate the community.

Sports Leadership — Mr. Sturgeon
The Sports Leadership group will help teach kids the skills and characteristics to be a good leader on and off the field.  The group will work on identifying what a good leader looks like as well as talk through scenarios that may happen in middle school sports.  

Students may also participate in the Middle School Student Government Association (SGA) and the MS Crimson Leadership Council, an umbrella group whose objective is to make every Middle School student feel like they are a valued member of the community.


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