Mental Health Matters Hosts Art Lesson

The Mental Health Matters Club helped MBS students and faculty unwind on Monday afternoon with a guided drawing lesson from art teacher Zach Mazouat.

Mr. Mazouat said that he chose a flower for the guided art lesson because it is both simple and complex at the same time.  Before beginning the drawing, he gave the students and faculty members two quick tips to become better at drawing: 

·     Forgive yourself and don’t be afraid to make mistakes; drawing is a process
·     Get used to drawing from your arm and shoulder, not just your fingers

He began the art lesson by identifying basic shapes in the model drawing, and encouraged the class to draw lightly and revise along the way.

“The whole time you’re drawing, you should be asking a series of questions and making a series of adjustments,” he said. “If the shape or angle don’t match what you’re seeing, you need to ask ‘why’ and adjust from there.”

At the end of the lesson, Mr. Mazouat also offered tips related to shading and color.




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