MBS Welcomes Student from Belgium this Fall

This fall, Morristown Beard School is pleased to welcome Jeanne Delaby, a junior from Belgium who is attending classes at MBS for two months as part of a regional project called Expedis. The goal of the project is to allow stellar students like Jeanne to experience life in a foreign country by attending school and learning another language.

Jeanne arrived in the United States in August and she is being hosted by her aunt who lives in Harding.  She is taking a wide array of classes at MBS, and says going to school here is different from the educational experience in Belgium. 

The curriculum in Belgium is classical and straightforward, Jeanne explained, whereas her classes here are more specific and in-depth. At MBS, she is taking Anatomy & Physiology, Piano Skills, Environmental Science, English 11: American Narratives, History 11: American Experiences, Conversational French, Nutrition, and a music course called The Rest is Noise.

“We don’t have options like that it Belgium, so it’s cool,” she said.

The student-teacher ratio is also very different. “Here, there are only 8 or 9 students in my classes. In Belgium, there are about 30 students in each class and the we stay in the same room —  different teachers come in and out,” she said. “All of the schools in Belgium are public. My school there is much bigger than this.”

A native French speaker, Jeanne grew up outside Brussels and learned to speak Dutch when she was four years old. Although she only started learning English two years ago, she is gaining a command of the language and said that the transition to life in the U.S. has been pretty smooth so far.

“All the people are very nice,” said Jeanne, who hopes to make more friends by getting involved with the MBS field hockey team. She has already been to several games to watch the team and help Coach Kate Russo, and she is looking forward to playing once her medical paperwork is complete.

In Belgium, Jeanne played field hockey for two years as a club sport, since there are no school-sponsored sports there. She has also been involved in horseback riding and scouting.

Jeanne enjoys traveling and has been to New York City three times including a trip to Brooklyn to see her cousins. She also has cousins in Baltimore and she plans to visit that city in the near future as well.

Jeanne’s visit is being coordinated by Aline de la Torre-McCloskey, Director of Global Studies at Morristown Beard School. To learn more about study abroad opportunities, visit  https://www.mbs.net/academics/global-studies or email her at adelatorre@mbs.net.


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