MBS to Stage "Mother Courage and Her Children"

This year's Upper School fall play, Mother Courage and Her Children, which is considered to be one of the greatest anti-war plays of all time, will be staged outdoors, on Senior Circle on Friday, November 13 and Saturday, November 14 at 7:00 p.m., weather permitting. The play, which was written in 1939 by German dramatist and poet Bertolt Brecht, will be adapted and directed by Nick Corley, who recently directed the MBS production of The Laramie Project.

Admission will be free, however, limited tickets must be reserved in advance from the Performing Arts Department.

For tickets, please use the following links:

November 13


November 14


The timeless anti-war epic chronicles 12 years in the life of merchant Mother Courage as she attempts to make enough money for her and her four children to survive the Thirty Years’ War of the 17th century. 

The talented cast is as follows:

Mother Courage: Kailyn Williams ’21
Eilif:  Will Srere ’21
Swiss Cheese:  Sam Kasmin ’21
Kattrin:  Danica Rosenbloom ’24
First Recruiting Officer: Henry D’Andrea ’24
Second Recruiting Officer: Adin Kasmin ’24
Mother:  Laila Stipanov ’23
Her Boy:  Shira Radin ’24
Young Man 1:  Kevin Tone ’24
Young Man 2:  Alexis Algazy ’22
Soldiers:  Alexis Algazy ’22, Laila Stipanov ’23, Bridget Ewing ’24, Kaitlin Brown ’24, Hannah Everett ’23, Shira Radin ’24, Sam Rivera ’21
The Sergeant:  Nick Lombardi ’21
The Cook:  Sal D’Agostino ’23
The General:  Nick Lombardi ’21
The Chaplin:  Kaitlin Blount ’23
The Armourer:  Laila Stipanov ’23
Yvette Pottier:  Julia Bavoso ’23
Soldier 1, 2, 3:  Adin Kasmin ’24, Henry D’Andrea ’24, Sam Kasmin ’21
Man With Eye Patch: Sam Rivera ’21
Old Colonel:  Adin Kasmin ’24
Soldiers with SC: Kevin Tone ’24, Laila Stipanov ’23
The Clerk:  Henry D’Andrea ’24
Young Soldier:  Hannah Everett ’23
Older Soldier:  Kevin Tone ’24
First Soldier:  Adin Kasmin ’24
Second Soldier:  Laila Stipanov ’23
Peasant Women: Bridget Ewing ’24, Kaitlin Brown ’24 
Soldier 3:  Adin Kasmin ’24
The Son:  Kevin Tone ’24
The Mother:  Alexis Algazy ’22
Soldiers with Eilif: Adin Kasmin ’24, Henry D’Andrea ’24
Ensign:  Nick Lombardi ’21
First Soldier:  Henry D’Andrea ’24
Second Soldier:  Adin Kasmin ’24
Peasant Man:  Sam Kasmin ’21
Peasant Wife:  Sam Rivera ’21
Peasant Daughter: Shira Radin ’24
Cabaret Singer 1: Cooper Weil ’22
Cabaret Singer 2: Alana Smith ’23
Cabaret Singer 3: Evie Mitchell ’21
Women of War:  Alexis Algazy ’22, Laila Stipanov ’23, Bridget Ewing ’24, Kaitlin Brown ’24, Hannah Everett ’23, Shira Radin ’24, Sam Rivera ’21

The Stage Managers for the production are: Rachel Monastersky '21, Henry Miller' 21, and Haylee Schwind '22.


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