MBS Students Participate in National Meteorological Conference

This past weekend, five MBS Upper School students traveled with science teacher Jeffrey Yuhas to present at the 2020 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Boston. 

This is the seventh year in a row that Morristown-Beard students have presented at the AMS Annual Meeting, which brings together more than 3,500 scientists, educators, students and other professionals.  This year’s MBS participants were: Michael Bednarek ’22, Michael DeSimone ’20, Kim Magnotta ’21, Stephen Yuhas ’20 and Evan Zakhary ’20 .

During Sunday’s poster session, Kim Magnotta led a discussion about her long-term research project "Snowflake and Sand Photography: Doing Real Scientific Research in a High School Environment." Students also presented posters on “Building and Programming a High School CO2 Monitoring System” (authored by Michael Bednarek ’22 and Kyle Gonyea ’20) “Communicating Weather Information to High School Students: What Do They Really Want?” (authored by Michael DeSimone ’20, Evan Zakhary ’20, Tyler Zakhary ’22, Michael Bednarek ’22, Stephen Yuhas ’20, Kim Magnotta’21, and Dylan Braunstein ’22)  and “An Interactive Web-based GIS System to Evaluate Hurricane Inundation Impacts” (authored by Michael Bednarek ’22 with individuals from Simon Fraser University and NOAA). 

As a member of the American Meteorological Society, Mr. Yuhas presents regularly at the AMS Annual Meeting, and makes sure that his students take part in the prestigious conference. He said that attending and presenting at the Annual Meeting is an exciting opportunity for high school students. 

“Science is not about being alone in a lab with a textbook; it’s about engaging with other people and exchanging ideas,” said Mr. Yuhas. “The conference is a tremendous networking opportunity and allows the students to see how meteorology brings together people from a lot of different backgrounds and skill sets.”


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