MBS Students Enjoy Competing in Quiz Bowl Tournament

MBS Students Enjoy Competing in Quiz Bowl Tournament

Shortly before Winter Break, the MBS Quiz Bowl Team headed to Livingston High School to compete in the 3rd Annual Garden Bowl to match wits and knowledge with other area high school students in mathematics, science, literature, art, history and sports.  Great job by the five students who represented MBS: Adin Kasmin ‘24, Jay Spencer ‘25, Chris Blancuzzi ‘26, Jack Gonyea ‘25, and Katherine Chandler ‘26.  

This year's competition fielded a total of 68 teams from the NY-NJ-PA-CT regions, by far the largest event held at this level in the area.  Students were able to chat with peers they knew from area schools which gave a friendly nature to the competition.  The MBS team finished the competition with a record of 3-6.  Students were thrilled to participate and share their experiences.

What made it exciting was that MBS won a round on the last bonus question. "This tournament was a memorable experience made great by the team’s camaraderie, shared goals and supportive nature,” said Katherine. “A conversation I had with Mrs. Liese years ago ended up winning us the tie-breaking question in the last round of the day, allowing us to finish on a high note with one final win!" 

Jack Gonyea stated, "I had a fun time getting to see students from other schools who were interested in quiz bowl. It had a fun energy during it, though that may just be because of the party kazoo things the Livingston kids had." 

Senior Adin Kasmin added, "It was a great experience with a friendly vibe all around. Watching the finals was a highlight in addition to our tossup 20 victory."


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