MBS Students Enjoy a Sicilian Odyssey Over Spring Break

MBS Students Enjoy a Sicilian Odyssey Over Spring Break

As part of its Global Studies program, MBS sponsored an unforgettable spring break trip to Sicily, where students and chaperones were dazzled by both man-made and natural wonders.  

The group relived ancient history, touring Roman and Greek ruins in Palermo and Taorimina, reached new heights hiking up Mt. Etna – one of the world’s most active volcanoes and an awe-inspiring 11,014 feet high – and immersed themselves in Sicilian culture on walking tours and visits to local markets and restaurants.

Student participants included: Norah Aycock ’23, Kaitlin Blount ’23, Kathleen Degnan ’23, Riley Engman ’24, Joseph Geoghan ’23, Justin Givner ’23, Marjorie Gonzaga ’23, Rachel Jack ’23, Joey Laviola ’26, Natalie Lebovitz ’24, Gracie Meyers ’23, Egbefe Omonzane ’23, Danica Rosenbloom ’24, Aayan Savera ’24, Catherine Sheehy ’23, Alana Smith ’23, Rebecca Stulberger ’25, Jonah Tinkelman ’24, Kevin Tone ’24, Gabrielle Wolin ’24, Chris Yermack ’24, and Camila Zamora ’23.

They were accompanied by faculty chaperones Jenifer Laviola, Michael McGrann, Amanda Gregory, and Bridget Marcato.


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