MBS Stages Shakespeare's Macbeth

Everyone's favorite cursed play, William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Macbeth, took center stage in The Theater at Founders Hall from November 9th – 12th as the MBS Studio & Performing Arts Department presented this year's Upper School fall play.

"The Scottish Play," Shakespeare's spine-chilling exploration of ambition and imagination, was presented in observance of the 400th anniversary of the playwright's death. The famed play dramatizes the damaging physical and psychological effects of political ambition on those who seek power for its own sake.

This year's talented cast included (in alphabetical order): Pamela Beniwal (Lady Macduff), Anika Buch (Angus), Ellie Buscemi (Abbess/Soldier), Richard Carchia (Banquo), Perri Easley (Third Witch), Matt Ellerthorpe (Courier/Soldier), Giovan Guanill (Macbeth), Iain Jaegger (Malcolm), Aneesh Kaura (Ross), Harrison Kern (Duncan), Joe Keenan (Doctor), Ethan Kim (Sergeant), Liza Leever (Noblewoman/Macduff's Son), Lauren Liroff (Noblewoman/Hecate Attendant/Soldier), Matthew Lohman (First Murderer/Soldier), Luke Madden (Seyton), Sophie McGuinness (Noblewoman/Hecate Attendant/Soldier), Lauren Mennen (First Witch), Sydney Morris (Lady Macbeth), Ian O'Brien (Donalbain/Soldier), Bella Porraro (Lady Macbeth's Serving Woman), Natalie Pruitt (Lennox), Trevon Quarrie (The Porter/Soldier), Alex Rebhun (Macduff), Amy Sales (Second Witch), Coby Schneider (Second Murderer/Soldier), Scott Smith (Fleance/Soldier), Vincent Spina (Nobleman/Soldier), Rebecca Tone (Hecate), Nicole Westwood (Noblewoman/Hecate Attendant/Soldier), and Francesca Winterbottom (Noblewoman/Lady Macduff's Serving Woman).

The show was produced and directed by Dr. Susan Speidel, with set design by Jim Ruttman based on paintings by Perry Kroeger. Costume design was by Dr. Speidel, along with lighting design by Alex Fetchko '12, and sound design by Paul Fisher. The technical director/production coordinator was Nik Marmo. Set construction and scenic painting was done by Jim Ruttman, Perry Kroeger, and the Upper School Stagecraft Class. The production stage manager was Taylor Jaskula with assistant stage managers Matthew Smith and Jill Stecker.

Other members of the backstage crew included: Pamela Beniwal (show artwork), Katharine Bernstein (props crew), Adelyn Berrocal (hair and make up crew), Brian Collins (light board operator and electrics crew, ), Michelle Corcoran (hair and make up crew), Zach Esposito (electrics crew), Grace Hromin (fly rail crew), Taylor Jaskula (cast photography and electrics crew), Rachel Kelso (costume crew), Olivia Land (house manager), Maddy Larson (fly rail crew), Paris Luckowski (costume crew), Daniel Francis-Manshel (deck crew), Ariana Marino (show artwork), Andrea Marroquin (costume crew), Austin Penizotto (sound board operator and electrics crew), Jackie Silvers (hair and make up crew), Aiden Wood (deck crew), Sarah Yamashita (props crew), and Tiffany Zuber (show poster layout).

Special thanks to the MBS Parents Association Arts Committee for making the lobby display.

The theater program at MBS is committed to bringing a wide variety of theater styles to the stage of Founders Hall and to presenting a Shakespearean production once every four years. The last was the comedy, A Midsummer Night's Dream, presented in 2012.


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