MBS Quiz Bowl Team Hosts Invitational Tournament

On Saturday, April 10, the MBS Quiz Bowl Team hosted a very successful online tournament that was attended by 33 teams from 12 different states including Utah, Alabama, Michigan, Texas, and Wisconsin.

The championship match came down to the very last question, with Jasper High School from Plano, Texas edging Monrovia Middle School from Huntsville, Alabama by the score of 300-295.

This 2nd annual tournament was a huge success thanks to the help from the club members, 15 faculty volunteers, and (for the first time) three MBS graduates who helped staff the event. Student staffers included: Ari Bersch ’21, Matthew Francis-Manschel ’21, Matt Genua ’22, Abel Guzman ’21, Henry Miller ’21, Jay Pruitt ’21, Samantha Rivera ’21, Ethan Roitman ’24, Tim Schietroma ’21, Matthew Teitelbaum ’23, Jacob Tinkelman ’22, Kevin Tone ’24, Christopher Yermack ’24, Julia Yermack ’22, and Zack Zimberg ’21.

Thanks also to faculty members Dr. Amanda Gregory, Dr. Angela Hahn, Andrew Holbrook, Laura Kirschenbaum, Darren Lovelock, Nik Marmo, Zach Mazouat, Liam McNamara, Sharon Phelan, Andrea Silvestri, Jenna Sumner, Ryan Tamburrino, and Rebecca Van Horn along with alumni Josh Katz ’18, Matt Lohmann ’20, and Aaron Rosenberg ’20.

Looking ahead, members of the MBS Quiz Bowl Team are now excited to compete in the Small Schools National Championships on April 24 and 25. Good luck to students Matthew Francis-Manshel ’21, Abel Guzman ’21, Henry Miller ’21, Jay Pruitt ’21, captain Timothy Schietroma ’21, and Julia Yermack ’22.


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