MBS Parents Association Holds General Meeting

MBS Parents Association Holds General Meeting

At the Parents Association General Meeting on Thursday, November 18, MBS parents heard from Ryan Liese about the latest Upper School initiatives and also received an update on the curriculum from Boni Luna and Owen Boynton.

Head of Upper School Ryan Liese said that he is encouraged by progress he has seen in the social elements of the Upper School since the start of the pandemic. He noted that clubs have been meeting regularly, there has been good attendance at fall sports games, and students recently staged an impressive fall play in Founders Hall.  He also noted that Upper School grades are now making use of the Dining Hall as part of a rotating schedule, and there is no longer any plexiglass in classrooms.

“The whole experience feels much more collaborative, which is what an MBS education is all about,” he said.

Mr. Liese also discussed the introduction of the Interdisciplinary Concentrations Program (ICP) this fall, and stated that students can apply at the end of their freshman year to work in one of three cohorts: Global Citizenship, Arts & Innovation, and Ethics, Leadership, Justice.

Boni Luna, Head of Middle School and Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, stated that the Mathematics Department recently conducted a curricular review to assess the essential skills, knowledge, and habits of mind that an MBS graduate should possess. She mentioned that all departments will undertake a similar curricular review in the near future.

Owen Boynton, the Associate Director of Curriculum and Professional Development and the Director of the Center for Innovation & Design, emphasized the importance of balance in the curriculum. He stated that MBS seeks to foster strong habits of mind in its students, and, at the same time, have them experience spontaneity and creativity.  He discussed the imaginative and open-ended nature of his class, 21st Century Fundamentals and Experiential Learning in the Middle School.

PA President Linda Magnotta said that the Parents Association has been busy with a host of events including Zip Code Night, the Snack Shack, the Hiking Club, and more. She said that MBS faculty will be teaching special classes for parents starting in January, and the PA online auction will take place on Friday, February 4th. Be sure to check upcoming editions of MBS Monday for details. The next PA General Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 10 at 7 p.m.


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