MBS Parent Speaks to Engineering & Architecture Club

Thanks to MBS parent Linda Magnotta, who spoke to members of the Engineering & Architecture Club on Thursday, October 17th about her career as an industrial engineer.

Mrs. Magnotta began her presentation by explaining that industrial engineering involves evaluating programs, eliminating wastefulness, and devising efficient systems to make a product or provide a service. “As an industrial engineer, you’re not designing anything, but you’re in the business of making what’s already there better,” she explained.

Mrs. Magnotta, who majored in Industrial Engineering at Lehigh University, discussed her career path, which involved streamlining workflow, reducing costs, and increasing safety and efficiency at companies such as UPS, General Motors, Howmet, and Alcoa.

“Growing up, I was always interested in math and science, but didn’t know what to do with it. I did some research on different careers, and when I read about industrial engineering I knew right away that it was something I would love,” she said. “It was a career that never got boring for me. I enjoyed it because there was a new challenge every day.”

In the near future, Mrs. Magnotta will conduct an experiment with students in the Engineering & Architecture Club to optimize a gift wrapping assembly line. The students will divide into groups, and Mrs. Magnotta will help them streamline their workflow to complete their tasks of cutting, folding and taping in the most efficient way possible.


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