MBS Junior Researches Animal Hybrid by Going Straight to the Source

When MBS junior Ava Lafer ’21 wasn’t finding enough information about the Cama (a cross between a llama and a camel) for her animal hybrid research project in Dr. Milinkovic’s biology class, she took matters into her own hands and reached out directly to the leading scientific expert. Her initiative paid off, as Dr. Lulu Skidmore from the Dubai Camel Reproduction Centre soon provided her with exclusive information and photos for her research.

“When I started my research, I soon noticed that there wasn’t a lot out there,” said Ava. “So, where better to get the information I needed than the actual lab responsible for the creation of the Cama?”

After a quick search, Ava found Dubai’s Camel Reproduction Centre and the head scientist for the project, Dr. Lulu Skidmore.  She reached out in an email that introduced herself and her project. “To my surprise, she got back to me with information about the Cama not available online,” said Ava. 

Dr. Skidmore shared a paper with Ava about the first Cama they produced - Rama - and also the original press release and an update.

Dr. Milinkovic said that she admires Ava’s initiative, adding that it is extremely rare for a student to reach out directly to a scientist. “It never happened before during my 12 years at MBS,” said Dr. Milinkovic. “And on top, of that, it is a research center outside of the United States!”


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