MBS Junior Releases Song as Part of Independent Study

MBS Junior Releases Song as Part of Independent Study

As part of his Independent Study course in Electronic Dance Music, MBS junior Robert Scrivo (A.K.A. DJ Lil Ro’) just released his first single, which is available on iTunes, Spotify and other digital music services.

Scrivo, who is working with faculty member Chris Finn on the Independent Study, created the song using Logic Pro X, a digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer software application. “The theme of the song is about elevation,” said Scrivo. “It’s about taking something as simple as a C Major note and transforming it and changing it into something bigger.”

Scrivo was inspired to pursue the Independent Study in Electronic Dance Music after taking a Music Production course with Mr. Finn. “I’ve also taken a Digital Graphic Design course with him, and that’s how I came up with the cover art for the song,” said Scrivo.

While Scrivo is focused on creating club music, he said that his musical taste is definitely eclectic. “If you’re sitting in my car you’ll hear Frankie Valli and Post Malone on the same play list,” he said.

One of his biggest influences is Purari, a DJ and producer who also happens to be his cousin. “He’s a huge inspiration of mine. He’s a great resource for me to bounce ideas off of,” he said.

Scrivo said he feels fortunate to be able to create music in the School’s new Center for Innovation & Design, a facility that boasts a state-of-the-art audio studio and post-production studio. 

“You look around and it’s so futuristic. It’s great having access to all of this equipment — it’s more than I could ever dream of,” said Scrivo. “There are days when I come to the CID to play around and listen to new sounds, and there are days when I come down here with laser focus to get things done.”

For the rest of the semester, Scrivo plans to work on more tracks with Mr. Finn and possibly put together an album.


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