MBS Introduces New Center for Quantitative Reasoning

MBS Introduces New Center for Quantitative Reasoning

This fall, Morristown Beard School is pleased to introduce the Center for Quantitative Reasoning (CQR), a support center providing a place for students to strengthen foundational skills, receive extra help in their classes, and explore an interest in mathematics that goes beyond the classroom.

The new center, which is located in MSC 103, is under the direction of Rose Costanzo. The Center is open to students grades 6th-12th for both drop-in assistance and scheduled appointments. At these meetings, students will be able to ask content-specific questions and receive general support by means of small lessons and additional practice. Throughout the year, the CQR will provide the opportunity for entire classes to complete workshops during particular units. In the coming years, the expectation is to develop a peer tutoring program akin to programs in other centers.

“In a world where data is paramount, and we endeavor to prepare students powerfully for learning and for life, developing a student's fluency in and ability to work with numbers, data and statistics is crucial,” said Ms. Costanzo. “Quantitative reasoning is a critical element of our curricular philosophy rooted in the belief that numeracy skills are integral to fostering a deeper understanding of diverse disciplines. It is a vital tool for cultivating higher-order thinking and integrative learning. In the CQR, we strive to create a community of quantitative thinkers who approach problems and ideas with confidence.”

For more information, email Ms. Costanzo at rcostanzo@mbs.net or stop by room MSC 103.


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