MBS Faculty Participate in "Agile Course Design" Workshop

This week, MBS faculty members are participating in a series of workshops on “Agile Course Design” presented by EXPLO Elevate to help them create courses that pivot successfully between in-person and online learning.

EXPLO Elevate instructors Dave Hamilton and David Saunders explained that the rapid transition to distance learning can be problematic, leaving faculty members teaching to a Brady Bunch grid of empty, muted Zoom screens. The 4-four day workshop is designed to help faculty members strengthen feedback loops with their students and increase student engagement, which is the gateway to collaboration, critical thinking, and deeper learning.

Rooted in the principles of design thinking, each workshop began with a quick design challenge followed by a reflection activity. Faculty spent the afternoons completing readings, watching assigned videos and engaging in related work.   

At the end of the week, faculty will have used a design thinking approach to build or rebuild one unit from their own course, optimized for distance learning. They also will have gained a better appreciation for the difference between the traditional face-to-face curriculum and what can be done in a distance learning program. Finally, they will have explored a variety of approaches for documenting and assessing student progress.


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