MBS Faculty Member Sings at United Nations Day Concert

Congratulations to MBS mathematics teacher Liam McNamara, who performed with members of The West Village Chorale on Thursday, October 24th as part of the United Nations Day Concert in the General Assembly of the U.N.

“The experience of singing at the U.N. was absolutely amazing — from the rehearsals to the concert,” said McNamara, who has been a singing with The West Village Chorale and serving on their Board of Directors for the past several years. The West Village Chorale is a 70-voice avocational ensemble based out of Judson Memorial Church, at the south end of Washington Square Park.

McNamara said the group was invited to participate in the concert by the Qatari Philharmonic Orchestra and Chamber Choir’s musical director. “As a board, we were quite excited for the opportunity to sing in such a production,” said McNamara.

The United Nations Day Concert featured primarily Qatari compositions and revolved around the theme “Building Prosperity for All through Culture, Education, Gender Equity, Sports and Sustainability.” The concert is a traditional highlight of United Nations Day, which celebrated the 74th anniversary of the United Nations and its founding document, the United Nations Charter, this year.  

“I am always fascinated by art and culture that crosses barriers to bring people together,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.  “That is surely one of the highest achievements of any artist. I look forward very much to this afternoon’s program.”

To view the complete U.N. Day Concert, please click here.

Liam McNamara joined the MBS faculty this fall after teaching math and science for the past several years at the Great Oaks Charter School. As an undergraduate at Rutgers University, Liam double majored in mathematics and music; he earned an MAT degree in Math and Science Education from the Relay Graduate School of Education.


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