MBS Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Title IX

MBS Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Title IX

This week, Morristown Beard School celebrated the 50th anniversary of Title IX with an alumni panel discussion, an evening event featuring a keynote address by The Honorable Siobhan Teare ’77, advisory discussions, and a full slate of games designed to highlight the School’s robust girls sports program. 

The historic Title IX legislation was passed in June of 1972 – just a year after the merger of The Morristown School and The Beard School – and recognized gender equity in education as a civil right. Although the law never mentions the words ‘sport’ or ‘athletics,” it forever altered the landscape of women’s sports, giving female athletes the right to participate equally on the playing field, from elementary schools to colleges and universities.

“One significant outcome of Title IX which we are highlighting this week was the opportunity for girls to play sports and pursue athletics in and beyond high school. With over 80 percent of our female-identifying students playing sports, there’s a lot to celebrate,” said Head of School Liz Morrison.

During a special All-School Meeting on Tuesday, the students listened to recorded messages from alumnae Taz Brower ’47 and Tatiana Johnson ’12 before hearing from panelists Kendall Cornine ’15, Bridget Monaghan ’19, and Julie Guempel Rosania ’09. 

Ms. Morrison and the alumnae speakers emphasized the important lessons that they have learned by participating in athletics.

“When you’re part of a team, you learn about personal sacrifice and hard work and the power of the collective,” said Ms. Morrison, who won a national championship as part of the University of Maryland women’s lacrosse team. “Maybe more than the national title, what matters most about playing on that championship team is what I have carried with me for life. I learned that magic can happen when a team comes together. I learned that sometimes in life the needs of the team are more important than my needs or goals.”

In the evening address, The Honorable Siobhan Teare ’77 discussed the legislation associated with Title IX and her personal journey through athletics and academics.

“The enactment of Title IX was the most significant thing to happen to girls’ and women’s sports in America,” said Judge Teare. “A mere 37 words changed the course of education for millions of women and girls in the United States.”

During her days at MBS, Judge Teare helped lead the Crimson field hockey team to the “B” Division State Championship of the New Jersey Independent School Tournament — the very first title ever won by a Morristown Beard School girls athletic team. It was a thrilling experience that she will never forget.

Throughout her professional career, says she has relied on the lessons and values that were reinforced on the playing field — integrity, honesty, commitment, and collaboration.

“Teamwork is everything,” she said. “There is nothing you do in life that doesn’t require the skills you learned as an athlete — being a good listener and communicator, a hard worker, and one who practices consistently until mastering a task.”


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