MBS 8th Grade Class Celebrates at 2024 Moving Up Ceremony

MBS 8th Grade Class Celebrates at 2024 Moving Up Ceremony

On Tuesday evening, June 4, Morristown Beard School held its 2024 “Moving Up” ceremony in Founders Hall. Congratulations to the following 64 8th Graders who received certificates and advanced from the Middle School to the Upper School:

Evan Auclair, Leah Auclair (National Junior Honor Society), Ashley Badcock (National Junior Honor Society, Class Leader Award), Shane Ben-Hayon, Michael Blancuzzi, Madison Blount, Haley Chestnut-Stein, Brielle Cicchino, Jamie Cofer, Jennings Council, Julia Covey (National Junior Honor Society, Class Leader Award), Kelly Cross, Emily DeCillis, Russell Dickson, Dairelys Espinal (National Junior Honor Society,  Head of School Values Award), Daniel Ewing, Nicki Fiverson (National Junior Honor Society), Catalina Fonseca (National Junior Honor Society), Brooke Gildar, Jake Greenwood, Jacob Guberer, Luke Harmaty, AJ Heck, Liam Hong, Maurice Hunt, Emily Johnston, Nicholas Kando, Ari Kanter, Sydney Kaplan (National Junior Honor Society), Elise Karosen (National Junior Honor Society), Lilyana Karosen, Alyssa Katz (National Junior Honor Society),

Alexander Kothari (National Junior Honor Society, Head of School Values Award), Henry Kovall, Charley Kretten (National Junior Honor Society), Tristen LaGuerre, Giovanna Lattarulo (National Junior Honor Society), Callen LeVasseur, Viviana Lisk, Sabrina Migdal, Eli Morse (National Junior Honor Society), Christian Norweg, Rohan Pally, Caroline Powers (National Junior Honor Society, Class Leader Award), Kendall Rolland (National Junior Honor Society), Avery Rosen, Olivia Rosten, Alexandra Sadrian, Emily Schwegel, Noah Shidlovsky, Sydnie Silverstein, Allison Spencer, Connor Sullivan, David Thompson III, Blake Tiger, Spencer Traub (National Junior Honor Society), Matthew Troiano, Nicholas Tucker, William Turben, Russell Urbach, Anna Wade (National Junior Honor Society), Maya Weinmann (National Junior Honor Society, Class Leader Award), Jacob Wong (National Junior Honor Society), Alexis Zweibel.

“This class is known for their love of learning, for engaging in discussions to process ideas, and for the desire to satisfy their curiosity. When I asked your teachers to describe you, they used words like ‘creative,’ ‘kind,’ ‘patient,’ ‘with a good sense of humor,’” said Head of School Liz Morrison. “Even though your class will grow next year, your journey as the Class of 2028 begins now. Your friendships, your memories…they’re really all just beginning.”

Congratulations to all!


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