MBS 6th Graders Share their World Language Experience

MBS 6th Graders Share their World Language Experience

On Wednesday, the three 6th Grade Language Exploration groups (French, Latin, and Spanish) gathered in the Middle School Commons to share with one another something that they learned in their first session before heading off to their next language in the rotation.

Students presented dioramas and posters, sang songs, and even showed off an example of a Roman aqueduct system that they created in Minecraft.

Sixth Grade Language Exploration introduces students to their language study with an interdisciplinary examination of language and culture through the lenses of French, Latin, and Spanish, as well as Geography, Art, History, and other disciplines. 

Starting on Tuesday, November 28, the 6th Grade students will transition to their second language in the interdisciplinary series. Please see the world language the students will explore next based on their initial world language class below: 

·      French students to Latin class
·      Latin students to Spanish class
·      Spanish students to French class


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