MBS 6th Graders Fish for Underwater Mascot Ideas

MBS 6th Graders Fish for Underwater Mascot Ideas

Andrea Silvestri’s 6th Grade science students were faced with a whale of a task this week. They were told that MBS will be opening a fictitious underwater campus — CrimSea — and it’s up to them to fish for ideas to select the perfect aquatic mascot.

The students gathered in Anderson Library, where Assistant Librarian Kaitlyn Meehan encouraged the students to cast a wide net in their research and think about what makes a good mascot.

The students came up with an array of ideas – from hammerhead sharks and whale sharks to jellyfish and cownose rays.

Next, each team will try to hook their classmates on their mascot idea by making persuasive arguments. Ultimately, winners from each class will try to make a splash before an esteemed panel of judges on December 19. 


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