MBS 6th Graders Exchange Letters with Irish Students Thanks to Sailboat Project

Over the past few weeks, MBS 6th Graders have been exchanging letters with their peers at the Barryroe National School in Ireland. The connection was made possible after last year’s MBS 6th Grade sailboat was recovered off the rocky shores of County Cork in July and was taken to the nearby school.

Morristown Beard School 6th Graders have launched a 5-foot, unmanned sailboat into the Atlantic for the past 10 years as part of the Educational Passages program. A significant aspect of the project hinges on the hope that students will connect with their peers across the globe when the boat reaches a foreign shore. 

After being launched in the North Atlantic and spending two and a half months at sea, Crimson Current was picked up by Katie McCarthy and her family, who took it to Barryroe National School, a coeducational school near the village of Courtmacsherry. 

The MBS students were able to Zoom with their peers across the globe on October 14. Afterwards, students were paired up and began writing letters to each other, comparing notes on hobbies, sports, food, school, and their daily life. The first package of letters arrived in Ireland two weeks ago, and a package arrived in the Morristown this week.

The Irish students also sent a photo of the American flag flying at their school. The flag was part of the cargo that was tucked away in Crimson Current’s hull that also included an MBS baseball cap, a USA jersey, glowsticks, and essays about life in New Jersey.


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