Matt Martino Discusses Designing the Math & Science Center

Before joining MBS as a Design Arts teacher last fall, Matt Martino was a practicing architect who served as Lead Designer and Project Manager for the School’s Center for Innovation & Design as well as the Math & Science Center and the renovation of Wilkie Hall. On Wednesday afternoon, he discussed his work on the Math & Science Center with the MBS Architecture & Engineering Club.

Mr. Martino told the students that the design and construction process for the Math & Science Center took two years to complete. He discussed the project in four parts — the Concept Design Phase, the Schematic Design Phase, the Design Development and Construction Document Phase, and the Construction Phase.

He emphasized that the architect serves as a guide for the client, leading them through the entire process. “You can’t always have everything, and there are going to be trade-offs along the way. A good architect educates clients through the decision-making process and helps them weigh their options and set priorities,” said Mr. Martino.

Even after architects has submitted final designs, they play an active role by supporting the owner and working alongside the contractor during construction. 

Mr. Martino presented an overview all the different types of professionals who work at architectural firms including project architects, code experts, interior designers, project managers, and specification writers. “It takes a lot of different talents and types of architects to all play their part and make a really great building,” said Mr. Martino. He added that young architects should look for a well-rounded experience and get a “complete picture” of the field.

In a Q&A session with the students, Mr. Martino began by asking the students which phase of the process they find most interesting and why.  He closed by saying that “One of the most rewarding  aspects of my job as an architect was when the building was finally finished and you see it being used as it was designed!”  

Now that he’s at MBS, Mr. Matino has the unique opportunity to see that every day!



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