Makerspace Class Completes "For All The Marbles" Activity

This week, Middle School students in the Makerspace class worked in teams and relied on their creativity to solve a design challenge called “For All The Marbles.”

For the challenge, students were told that a marble factory was washed out by a hurricane and they had to rebuild the conveyance system to get the marbles from the factory across the flooded site to the shipping trucks.

Students could only cut and fold paper to solve the problem and they had to contend with a number of other issues as well – including building structural supports and figuring out ways to slow the inertia of marbles moving downhill.

“They had a lot of fun and came up with some really creative solutions,” said Makerspace teacher Matt Martino.

In the class, students work through design challenges and solve problems by prototyping and using a number of materials. Along the way, they expand their imaginations, sharpen their observational skills, and learn to critique with positivity and focus.


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