Lucas Achilarre '26 Designs MBS Sneakers for Entrepreneurship Class

Lucas Achilarre '26 Designs MBS Sneakers for Entrepreneurship Class

For his final project in the Exploring Entrepreneurship class with teacher Maria Grant, 8th Grader Lucas Achilarre ’26 recently designed and marketed MBS-branded sneakers – the MBS Shoe Drip. He presented his business plan and mission statement at Middle School Meeting on Wednesday, June 1.

Lucas explained that his reason for creating the sneakers was to “provide affordable, high-quality and customizable MBS-branded sneakers in an effort to further our school community spirit.” He then reviewed his business plan for the shoes, including a detailed product description, financial and growth goals, the target market, and cost of production.

Other Exploring Entrepreneurship students also designed products, wrote business plans, and gave reports in class designed to attract investors.  The other companies included:

·       JAbaDip Corporation — creating high-quality hydro-dipped products like phone cases
·      ABA Snack Company — making cake pops and gummy candy
·      A’s Pen Stick Pencil Sticker Company — designing personalized stickers for Apple pencils
·      Buns & Roses Corporation — featuring freshly-baked goods
·      Sushi Umai Company — providing the highest quality fresh sushi from across the world
·      OYI — providing locker organization solutions with shelving, mirrors and pencil holders

Before the students explored how to start their own businesses, they began the semester by evaluating and learning about an existing business on campus — the MBS Bookstore.  The students examined the bookstore’s location, types of products sold, prices, payment methods, store hours and other considerations. They then offered recommendations about how to improve the bookstore and also identified aspects of the bookstore that they would maintain.


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