Liroff '22 Examines Syrian Civil War as part of Independent Study

As part of his Independent Study of politics in the Middle East, MBS sophomore Matt Liroff ’22 recently presented a final project on the Syrian Civil War.

Liroff, who studied with MBS faculty member Renee Kenny, began by tracing the roots of the Syrian Civil War, which he said have been growing for decades. He explained how growing demands for democracy and freedom led to a civil uprising which was brutally suppressed by pro-Assad forces and erupted into a full-scale conflict with both sides fighting for control of the country on March 15, 2011.

He said that since the initial uprising, things have spiraled quickly out of control in Syria and there is no longer a clear definition of sides and alliances. He examined major players in the conflict including The Syrian Arab Republic, ISIS, Turkey, the Russian Federation, the United States, Syrian Democratic Forces, and the Syrian National Army.

“As of May 2020, the war has remained in a state of stagnancy, with all sides ceasing major military movements and operations,” said Liroff. “The future of Syria is uncertain and with recent developments and ceasefires, it will continue to be so for a long time.”


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