Library Launches Middle School Book Bingo

MBS Middle Schoolers have added incentive to curl up with a good book! The Anderson Library recently introduced a year-long Book Bingo challenge, encouraging Middle School students to read widely across a variety of genres and experiences — and earn prizes along the way.

With a focus on books featuring diverse voices as well as traditional genre designations, readers earn prizes for marking every book in a line, and eventually the grand prize for completing the square. Game boards are available in the Library or students can keep track digitally.

Students can choose reading material from the Library’s print collection of various Own Voices books or use the new Sora e-lending app to check out ebooks to their phones and tablets. 

Prizes include snacks and bookstore cash.

“We hope that this is something fun to do during a potentially long winter, when we can snuggle up with a book, crash land in someone else's life for a while and earn prizes while we're doing it,” said Head Librarian Erinn Salge.


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