Laura Kirschenbaum Speaks about International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Laura Kirschenbaum Speaks about International Holocaust Remembrance Day

As part of All-School Meeting on Friday, January 26, MBS Upper School mathematics teacher and DEIB Committee Co-Chair Laura Kirschenbaum gave a presentation about International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was established by the United Nations to honor the 11 million lives lost in the Holocaust.

The date of Holocaust Remembrance Day — January 27 — holds significance as it commemorates the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, one of the most notorious concentration camps, by Soviet troops in 1945.

“On this day, we pause to remember the victims, acknowledge the survivors, and pledge to prevent such horrors from happening again,” said Ms. Kirschenbaum, whose grandmother, Ethel Kirschenbaum, was a child survivor of the Holocaust. “It is a solemn occasion that urges us to educate ourselves about the past, confront hatred, and promote tolerance.”

Ms. Kirschenbaum told that students that, in addition to International Holocaust Remembrance Day, it is crucial to recognize Yom Hashoah, the Holocaust Remembrance Day observed by the Jewish community.  Yom Hashoah typically falls in April or May and is a day when Jewish communities around the world come together to remember these 11 million lives lost during the Holocaust. This year, Yom Hashoah starts on the evening of May 5.

“Around that time, the Jewish Affinity Group, in conjunction with the Office of DEIB, will host a descendant of a survivor to tell their story,” said Ms. Kirschenbaum. “As we explore the significance of both of these days, I encourage you to consider the personal stories of survivors, understanding that history is not just a collection of facts, but a collection of experiences. It is through these personal connections that we not only understand the impact of the past but also embrace our collective responsibility to shape a future filled with resilience, compassion, and hope.”


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