Klarissa Karosen Speaks to Students About the Election and Social Media

On the day before the election, MBS Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Klarissa Karosen took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of civil discourse and appropriate social media use as part of a virtual All-School Meeting.

“This year’s election is highly-charged and emotional. It’s unique time in history, and what scares me is that many conversations are taking place over social media, and that cancel culture is real,” said Mrs. Karosen. “As we have seen, something that you post on social media without thought can change the entire trajectory of your life.”

Mrs. Karosen asked the students to stop and think before posting anything on social media. “You need to ask yourself — is it true? Is it honest? Is it believable? Is it necessary? And is it kind?,” she said. “And to this, I would also add: are you posting in the right state of mind? Don’t post when you’re emotional.”

She emphasized that MBS is committed to providing forums where students — regardless of political affiliation or beliefs — can discuss important issues such as the election in a respectful manner. 

“Let’s take this moment to hear each other in real life. Let’s be bigger than social media,” said Mrs. Karosen. “Whether or not we share the same beliefs and the same thoughts, we can still be respectful of each other’s feelings.”


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