Kevin Casselle P '27, P '30 Speaks about his Military Service with the Navy

Kevin Casselle P '27, P '30 Speaks about his Military Service with the Navy

Thanks to MBS parent and US Navy veteran Kevin Casselle P ’27, P ’30, who visited campus on Tuesday, November 14 to speak to Middle School students about his military service as part of the School’s observance of Veterans Day.

In his presentation, Mr. Casselle told the students that he had a strong desire to become a pilot from an early age. “I’ve always been enthusiastic about aviation and space, and I remember the first time I saw an F-18 Hornet at an air show when I was 11 years old,” he said.

He was also inspired by the Tuskegee Airmen, the first Black military pilots and airmen in the United States Armed Forces who fought valiantly in World War II despite being subjected to discrimination. “Their story really resonated with me and I wanted to follow in their footsteps,” said Mr. Casselle, who enrolled at Tuskegee University in Alabama, where he majored in Aerospace Engineering.

After graduating from Tuskegee University, Mr. Casselle attended Officer Candidate School before completing primary and intermediate Naval Flight School. His first solo flight, his “Winging Ceremony,” and being part of the C-130 Squadron were among the proudest achievements of his life. 

“I’m very proud of my experience as a Navy pilot and I continue to carry that with me today,” said Mr. Casselle, who now serves as Operation Vice President, Group Manager Account Engineering at FM Global.


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