Juniors Offer Advice to Freshmen in Wellness Class

This week in Wellness class, MBS 9th Graders got some good advice about study habits, social life, nutrition, managing stress, and more from those who have been in their place — MBS juniors.

As an end-of-the-year wrap-up in the Main Gym, the juniors answered specific questions that had been submitted on notecards before offering general advice to the freshmen. They touched on a variety of subject including standardized tests, the transition to AP classes, balancing social life and academics, and whether it’s manageable to be a 3-sport athlete.

Some of their advice:

·      “It’s important to develop good study habits. Don’t procrastinate… get ahead of your work and do a little bit each day.”

·     “Get to know everyone in your grade.”

·     “You should put in the effort and always try your hardest. You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

·     “Make sure you drink enough water during the day. You’ll feel better throughout the day. Sometimes when you feel hungry you’re just dehydrated.”

·     “High school is about finding out who you are as a person. You shouldn’t have to change for anyone else. Be true to yourself and you’ll build authentic relationships.”


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