Jerry Meranus '24 Completes Semester at The Mountain School

Jerry Meranus '24 Completes Semester at The Mountain School

This past semester, MBS junior Jerry Meranus ’24 had a wonderful experience studying at The Mountain School, located on a hilltop farm in Vershire, Vermont. She said that studying there for a semester was one of the best decisions she’s ever made, and she now has unforgettable experiences and stories that will last a lifetime.

Each semester, 45 high school juniors gather at The Mountain School to live, work, and study. Through collaborative learning and shared work, students learn to reach beyond the self and focus on the common good. A typical week at the school is filled with learning, reflection, connection, and fun. Students engage in five academic classes in addition to a farm seminar, commons work periods, affinity group meetings, guest speakers, Friday night activities, and more.

Jerry said that some of her fondest memories of the semester include:

·      Every last second of her 3-day solo camping trip

·      Learning how to use a compass

·      Discovering how to build a shelter with five ropes and a tarp

·      Walks with my friends and seeing zero cars pass by

·      Realizing that everyone doesn’t actually use an iPad or an Apple Pencil for math

·      Becoming an animal whisperer and getting chased by 150 chickens

·      Clear nights on Garden Hill and seeing every star

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