Ian Elmore-Moore '09 Speaks about Unity and Community

With the election just a few days away, MBS alumnus Ian Elmore-Moore ’09 spoke at virtual All-School Meeting on October 30th about the value of community and respecting each other’s differences.

“Even though we may debate, even though we have disagreements, it’s important to realize that we have so many similarities and things in common,” said Moore. “We must unify and come together.  Unity will always lead to opportunity.”

Moore called upon the students to “defy the media, defy the world and unite.”  “You can unite right now. Don’t wait for tragedy to bring us together,” he said. “You can give each other affection, you can give each other support at this very moment.”

In his closing comments, Moore spoke to the students about meeting John Lewis and being inspired by his optimism in the face of so much adversity.  “When asked why he remained hopeful, he said, ‘I love this country because I have faith in its future.’”

Speaking directly to the MBS students, Moore echoed these sentiments saying, “I have faith in you. You are the next leaders of this country and I know you are going to bring us together. The future is going to be bright because you are our future.”

A 2009 Morristown-Beard School graduate, Moore is a speaker, coach, consultant and author. He earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Morehouse College and an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Kennesaw State University after graduating from MBS. In 2019, he started a consulting business, Noble Truth Project, after becoming inspired to help people and organizations develop the right mindset to achieve their goals.

Through the Noble Truth Project, he has worked with local and national elected officials such including a District Attorney, Board of Education, State Senators, City Council members, and a sitting U.S. Senator.

For more information, visit www.nobletruthproject.com


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