Human Scale Class Highlights Mental Health in Gallery Exhibit

Human Scale Class Highlights Mental Health in Gallery Exhibit

Students in Matt Martino’s Human Scale class recently collaborated to create an interactive art installation, “A Treacherous Balance,” for the Phoebe Stiles King ’49 Gallery in the Math & Science Center.  At the opening reception on Wednesday, May 4, the students explained that they chose to design their piece around a theme that is important to them — mental health.

The installation features a laser-cut bust filled with white plastic balls and an illuminated glass flower. The bust rests on a mirror-topped tensegrity table (in which the forces of tension and compression create the illusion of a floating table). The students said that their aim was to incorporate a contrast in materials as well as scale, and to appeal to different senses.  Above all, they wanted to create a gallery installation that is interactive.

The students who created the piece are Charlie Hutchinson ’23, Ava Penizotto ’22, Zach Rempell ’22, and Sophie Schramm ’22.

The gallery also features the group’s earliest sketches and prototypes to gain insight into their creative process as well as other work by the class such as an innovative seating system. 

Stop by and enjoy!


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