Human Scale Class Creates Furniture for Beard Hall Reception Area

Human Scale Class Creates Furniture for Beard Hall Reception Area

On Wednesday, May 10, students in Matt Martino’s Human Scale class officially unveiled three pieces of full-sized cardboard furniture that they created for the Beard Hall reception area. The students began the project in December, responding to a prompt to create custom seating that brings people together. 

“Over time, the students persevered through many different design phases, concepts, and prototypes to convey a wonderful message of togetherness and inclusivity,” said Mr. Martino. “Hopefully these chairs will continue to serve our community for some years to come.”

Head of School Liz Morrison said that it was inspiring to watch the students collaborate and embrace the design challenge. 

“I was impressed not only by the students’ creativity and craftsmanship, but by their thoughtfulness about what MBS means to them and how they wanted that reflected in the furniture,” said Ms. Morrison. “It could not be a more culminating project of everything MBS. It was student-led; it was student-driven; it was creative; and it was innovative. I hope the students will remember this project as they venture forth into other creative endeavors and think about the lessons that they learned working together, compromising, and building on each other’s ideas. It was well-done and I’m extremely grateful!” 

Great job by all of the students who collaborated to create the furniture: Samantha Brown ’24, Cadence Christel ’23, Ethan Kothovale ’24, Zachary Levine ’23, Ethan Levy ’24, Ian Michel ’23, and Jackson Murphy ’23.

Human Scale is an advanced design studio course that lies at the intersection of design, art, science and engineering. Students bring their varied creative experience and work both digitally and hands-on in a collaborative studio environment. They spend a full year working on a series of large-scale team-based projects that incorporate all of their prerequisite skills and experience. This may include elements of art, architecture, engineering, graphic design, glass & metal work and digital fabrication as they relate to the human user/viewer. At the core of all of these respective disciplines is the common thread of human experience and interaction.

Watch The Project Come Together:


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