Human Scale Class Creates Concrete Stools

Human Scale Class Creates Concrete Stools

Students in Matt Martino’s Human Scale class began the year by studying modularity and working with concrete as a medium to create their own bucket stools.

The students explored how to cast concrete and they connected it to modularity based on the form they poured the concrete in — in this case, a classic 5-gallon bucket. “As we move forward, students will begin to create their own forms for casting concrete and build a sculpture that interacts with or is inspired by the human form,” said teacher Matt Martino. “I envision it to be similar to how last year’s cardboard chairs related to both individuality and the spectrum of physical differences between people.”

The Human Scale class, open to 11th and 12th Graders, is an advanced design studio course that lies at the intersection of design, art, science and engineering. Students bring their varied creative experience and work both digitally and hands-on in a collaborative studio environment. They spend a full year working on a series of large-scale team-based projects that incorporate all of their prerequisite skills and experience. This may include elements of art, architecture, engineering, graphic design, glass & metal work and digital fabrication as they relate to the human user/viewer. At the core of all of these respective disciplines is the common thread of human experience and interaction.

The goal for the year is to work together in building an art installation somewhere on campus of their own design.  Stay tuned!


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