Head of School Writes Letter to Community Regarding Race Relations

Dear MBS Family,

Our community response to the most recent acts of violence against black people and the subsequent protests around the nation is best captured by this snapshot:  June 1, the second-to-last day of school, 120 MBS students joined together at the end of the school day to participate in a student-led, open forum:  "Thinking Beyond the Smoke and Broken Glass" sponsored by the Student Justice Committee in collaboration with the Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Klarissa Karosen. 

I am so proud of our students' response to the latest chapter in the ongoing struggle for justice in America. They have an eagerness to be a part of an endeavor larger than themselves. In times like these, our shared values of humility, empathy, and connectedness matter more than ever, and our students are demonstrating what it means to live by them. They recognize that connectedness gains meaning by acknowledging the lived experiences of their peers, which can differ dramatically based on the color of their skin and the communities in which they live. While this acknowledgment may feel uncomfortable or even painful at times, I applaud our students' willingness to sit in the discomfort together in solidarity. 

At MBS, we speak daily about right and wrong, and our students know the difference.  We care about justice, and we want our students to be ethical leaders and upstanders. Our goal as teachers and leaders in the community is to help our students participate in democracy as difficult and challenging and seemingly impossible as it may feel right now.   

MBS will continue to engage in these important conversations and hold student forums throughout the summer. Our guidance team and Director of Diversity and Inclusion will be available to speak with students as we all try to find our bearings through this time of hurt.

With gratitude for this community's commitment to justice,

Peter J. Caldwell
Head of School


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