Graphic Design Students Create MBS-Themed Stickers

Graphic Design Students Create MBS-Themed Stickers

For their final project in Ms. Sediq's Graphic Design class, students used their creativity and skill to make different MBS-themed stickers using Procreate for their initial sketch and Adobe Illustrator for their final draft. Each student created three designs — one that incorporated text, another that represented Beard Hall, and a third design that promoted a club or sport. The designs were then reviewed by a panel of very impressed faculty judges! 

Using their knowledge of color, typography and composition, students made their initial sketches come to life, and their work was presented anonymously to judges Peter Donahue and Matt Martino of the Art & Design Department as well as Janet Burdorf and Sharon Cain of the Marketing/Communications team. The judges spoke about what designs stood out to them and why, providing feedback to the students before picking a winner for each category.

Congratulations to Gendiyah Easterling ’25, who won the text-based category and Ilana Manne ’25, who won both the club/sport category and the Beard Hall category. 

“All of the designs were incredibly creative and it was interesting to see the variety of styles from each student. It was really close and hard to pick a winner,” said Mrs. Burdorf. “I was also impressed that they were using Adobe Illustrator, a high-level graphic design tool to create their work.”

Ms. Sediq’s Graphic Design classes are held in the School’s Center for Innovation & Design (CID), a state-of-the-art 8,000-square foot facility that also houses a makerspace, a music production room, an audio recording studio, a video recording studio, and a jewelry, glass, and metal design studio.


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