Graphic Design and Entrepreneurship Classes Collaborate to Market Products

This semester, Deanna Whelan’s Advanced Graphic Design class has been collaborating with Caitlin Skobo-Trought’s Essentials of Entrepreneurship class to gain experience working with a client on a project.  

Students in the Essentials of Entrepreneurship class created a product, service or app that the Advanced Graphic Design students helped to market by creating a thoughtful and eye-catching logo. The logos went through several iterations and the students quickly learned that effective communication is a key to success between the designer and the client.

On Thursday, April 29, the graphic designers critiqued each other’s work before submitting their final logos to the client. In the next class, the entrepreneurship students also offered their feedback on the designs.  

“We are so proud of the work that has been done in both classes and it has been a true real-world experience for the students,” said Caitlin Skobo-Trought.

Mrs. Whelan agreed, saying, “The students learned a lot about communication and having flexibility when working for a client who may make last-minute changes to an assignment. This is really strong work.”


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