Forensic Science Students Learn How to Reveal Fingerprints

This semester, Dr. Elena Fiorica-Howells’ forensic science students are learning to become scientific sleuths. This week, they discovered how to reveal latent fingerprints by using iodine fuming and a 3% silver nitrate solution.  

The Forensics course is designed for students who are interested in experiencing the thrills and tribulations of detective work. 

“The class touches on many of the different aspects of forensic science, starting with the laws that regulate it, followed by an overview of the types of evidence and the procedures carried out at a crime scene,” said Dr. Fiorica-Howells.

In this heavily lab-based course, students gather data and employ critical thinking skills to determine "Who committed the crime?" and "How did they do it?" 

“The emphasis is on problem-solving and using scientific methods to solve a crime,” explained Dr. Fiorica-Howells, whose class involves concepts from chemistry, zoology, anatomy, genetics, physics, medicine, mathematics and statistics, sociology, psychology, communication, and law.


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