Fayemi '23 and Kane '24 Honored for Sportsmanship

Fayemi '23 and Kane '24 Honored for Sportsmanship

Congratulations to MBS student-athletes Ayo Fayemi ’23 (basketball) and Kailin Kane ’24 (ice hockey), who received the Winter Sportsmanship Awards as part of the Upper School Winter Athletic Celebration in Founders Hall on Thursday, March 9.

Fayemi and Kane were praised by their coaches for their positive attitude, for their exemplary treatment of others, and for their graciousness in winning and losing.   

Speaking on behalf of MBS basketball coach Tim Fell, Athletic Director Joanne Dzama said that Ayo Fayemi’s “character, leadership, and hard work throughout the basketball season was outstanding. His enthusiasm, tenacity, and toughness in practice was contagious.”

She added, “Ayo’s ability to play through adversity, support his teammates, and maintain a calm yet focused intensity at all times is truly special.”

MBS girls ice hockey assistant coach Brian Maher praised Kailin Kane for “respecting the game, being gracious in everything she does, and displaying fairness and equity to herself, her teammates and her opponents.”

“Kailin, or KK as she goes by, is one of those individuals who possesses special intangibles which make her a great leader and teammate, and deserving of the sportsmanship award,” said Maher. “As a coaching staff, we always know that she will have the best interest of the team at heart. And while she may, like anyone in this world, not be immune to an error here or there, she will be the first one to take accountability and responsibility for herself and all of her teammates.  A person like that is capable of anything, and we are lucky to have KK as part of our program and community.”


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