"Doodle Boy" Leads Drawing Workshop with Middle School Students

On Thursday, June 3, MBS Middle School students were able to chat and draw along with “Doodle Boy” Joe Whale, an 11 year-old artist from England who has built an impressive career and has a huge following on social media thanks to his clever cartoon doodles.

Before Joe began his drawing demonstration on Zoom, MBS 7th Grade students Daniel Raimer ’26 and Rye Fleming ’26 asked him a few questions about his background and his interest in art. 

“I’ve always loved drawing. Doodling always felt like something that I wanted to do,” he said. “I like to draw monsters and aliens and to do food characters as well.”

The Doodle Boy went viral in 2019 after he was commissioned by a local restaurant to decorate an eight-foot wall with his signature black and white drawings. Since then, he has appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s TV show Little Big Shots, hosted by Melissa McCarthy, where he designed the set backdrop and created custom name illustrations for all of the kid guests. He has also been commissioned by restaurants and businesses including The White Elephant Hotel in Palm Beach to fill their walls with his lively doodles.

Joe has an upcoming chapter book series for kids, and he showed the MBS students how to illustrate one of the series’ new characters — an ice cream cone named “Scoop.”   

He encouraged the students to embrace art and have fun with it.

“Be positive,” he said. “If you don’t like something, don’t just get all annoyed and scrap the whole thing. Just bring your ideas into your next piece of art.”

Special thanks to MBS Spanish teacher Adriana Arroyave for arranging Thursday’s Zoom with the Doodle Boy.


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