"Crimson Tide" Ready to be Re-Launched

"Crimson Tide" Ready to be Re-Launched

Nearly a year after it was recovered by a fisherman off the island of Guernsey in the English Channel, Morristown-Beard School’s 6th Grade Sailboat — The Crimson Tide — has been repaired and is ready to be re-launched from a cargo ship off the west coast of France.  

Paris Broe-Bougourd, the fisherman who discovered the boat last February, has cleaned and painted the boat, and equipped it with a new sail.  The boat’s GPS unit is still on board and continues to function.

The Crimson Tide is now ready to be re-launched from the cargo vessel Clarity, which is carrying scrap metal to Spain.   

“They are planning to put it in the sea just before the point of Portugal,” said Kathy Broe-Bougourd, Paris’ mother.  “Wouldn’t it be lovely if the little boat found its way home!”

You can read more about The Crimson Tide in an article from the BBC News here.



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