Crimson Awards Presented to MBS Upper School Athletes

At the MBS Sports Awards ceremony in Founders Hall on Thursday night, June 2, coaches presented Crimson Awards to Upper School student-athletes from each varsity team who have demonstrated exemplary character, commitment and leadership.

Congratulations to the Crimson Award winners for 2021-2022:

Cross Country
: Will Kuppenheimer ’23
Cross Country:  Kate Wenzel ’22
Field Hockey: Natalie Hess ’22
Boys Soccer:  Alex Taurman ’22
Girls Soccer: Brooke Sandler ’23
Football: Will Baum ’22
Volleyball: Laila Cook ’22
Girls Tennis: Sophie Schramm ’22

: Zachary Rempell ’22
Swimming: Kate Wenzel ‘22
Girls Basketball: Phoebe Merrigan ‘22
Girls Basketball:  Kirsten Harvett ‘22
Boys Basketball: Jaron Afuola ’22
Girls Ice Hockey: Leah Stecker ‘22
Boys Ice Hockey: Andrew Low ‘22
Boys Ice Hockey: Will Sgro ’22
Skiing: Nick Johnson ’22
Winter Track: Aaron Morton ’22
Winter Track:  Sophie Tannen ’22

Boys Lacrosse
: Charles Guida ’22
Girls Lacrosse: Skylar Reale ’23
Girls Lacrosse: Anne Sherman ’22
Boys Golf: Dylan Strauss ’22
Girls Golf: Brooke Sandler ’23
Boys Tennis: Ian Michel ’23
Baseball: Jordan Greenaway ’22
Baseball:  Michael Sciarra ’22
Baseball:  Matt Stokes ’22
Softball: Haley Belfiore ’22
Track & Field: J’Meeyah White ’22
Track & Field: Tristen Miscia ’23


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