Criminology Class Works in CID to Design Humane Prisons

Erinn Salge’s Criminology class recently studied humane prison design and then worked to reform a classical prison with some help from teacher Matt Martino in the Center for Innovation & Design (CID).

Using Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia as an example of a classical prison design, the students re-worked it into a more progressive model, similar to Halden Prison in Norway and other European prisons.

Each design had to include standard elements such as a secure entry, landscaping, housing, dining, and walkways. To make the designs more humane, the students also incorporated different elements that they touched on in class, including space for exercise/recreation, psychiatric rehabilitation, vocational training, outdoor and indoor community space, paid jobs, and education.

After finishing their drawings, the students shared their thought processes and discussed elements that they thought were effective in each other’s designs.


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