Colette Gentile '25 Wins Middle School Spelling Bee

Congratulations to 8th Grader Colette Gentile ’25, who won the MBS Middle School Spelling Bee on Tuesday, April 13. Colette was one of nine finalists in the competition and she correctly spelled word “dexterity” to take the title.

Sohan Norden ’26 was the runner-up and Daniel Raimer ’26 took third place in the Spelling Bee, which was held in Founders Hall in front of a small, socially-distanced audience. One by one, the students approached the microphone on stage and stood in front of an eerily silent audience to wrestle with words like “Massachusetts,” “parallel,” and “callous.”  

This year, all of the finalists correctly spelled their word in the opening round. Congratulations to all of the participants:  Caleb Elias ’27, Colette Gentile ’25, Jeet Ghosh ’27, Louisa Marks-Sergent ’25, Sohan Norden ’26, Brian O’Neill ’26, Daniel Raimer ’26, Leon Sarkissian ’25, and Keshav Suri ’27.

Special thanks to Middle School English teachers Sharon Phelan and Jackie Forte for organizing the event.


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