Colette Gentile '25 Wins MBS Geography Bee

Congratulations to 8th Grader Colette Gentile ’25, who battled hard to win the MBS Middle School Geography Bee Championship this week. She correctly identified Iceland’s largest city, Reykjavik, to take the title.

Although this year’s National Geographic GeoBee won’t be taking place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MBS Middle School felt that it was important to continue the tradition by holding its own competition. Special thanks to Middle School geography teacher Lisa Swanson for organizing the event.

Leon Sarkissian ’25 was the runner-up and Jed Greer ’27 took third place in a very challenging contest that tested students’ knowledge and thinking skills involving physical geography, map skills, demographics and natural resources of the United States and the world at large. 

Congratulations to the other students who were finalists in the competition: Jack Becker ’27, Jeet Ghosh ’27, Caleb Wong ’27, Caleb Elias ’27, and Denny Trainor ’27. 


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